Detailed Event Information

29 September 2019

Detailed Event Information


  • If you indicated on the entry form that you will be using the bus, collect your bib from the Registration Desk at the Kaikohe Pioneer Village before you board the bus. Otherwise your bib will be at the Registration Desk at the Start Area.

  • Please attach your bib high on the front of your T-shirt or singlet.

Bus to Start

  • Free buses will run from the Kaikohe Pioneer Village, Recreation Road, Kaikohe.

  • Buses will leave at 8:30am. It will take about 15 minutes to get to Okaihau.

Start Areas

  • 14km and 21km  - at Two Ponga Park opposite the Okaihau Fire Station, 7 Lake Road, Okaihau.

  • 9km - on the Cycle Trail at the Toia Road intersection, off Lake Road, by Lake Omapere.

Start Times

  • 21km start at 9:00am.

  • 14km Walkers start at 9:05am - Runners start at 9:15am.

  • 9km Walkers start at 9:00am - Runners start at 9:10am.

The Finish

  • All events finish at the Kaikohe Pioneer Village, Recreation Road, Kaikohe.

Prize Giving

  • Prize giving will be held at 12.00 midday at the Pioneer Village.

  • Participants must be present at the prize giving and show their bib number to claim their prize.

  • The prize draw is generated using a random computer draw programme.

  • This event is for your enjoyment. We do not guarantee the accuracy of distances and times are not recorded.


  • Participation certificates will be available online for you to download and print after the event.


  • In the event of cancellation, notification will be given by email, on the Kaikohe Rotary Facebook page and on the web site at


  • The event is on the Twin Coast Cycle Trail and therefore almost entirely off road. At the last section where the route follows Station Road and Recreation Road participants should take care and remain on the footpath.

  • Take care when crossing driveways and roads. Expect vehicles.

  • No animals (except guide dogs) are permitted to accompany participants during the event.

  • All participants under the age of 15 years should be accompanied by an adult.

  • The course includes an 80m tunnel. It is curved (you can't see the other end when you enter), and lighting is minimal. If it is a bright sunny day the tunnel will seem very dark until your eyes adjust. Bring a torch or headlamp if this concerns you.

First Aid

  • First aiders are available - contact one of the officials. In an emergency call 111.

Drink Stations

  • There are drink stations (water) at approximately 5,10 and 15km. Food and refreshments will be available at the finish.


  • There are toilets near the start in Okaihau, at Toia Road (5km) and just north of the tunnel (9km).