Members' Privileges


  • Be early
  • Set up table with Attendance Record Box and Sheets
  • Date the Attendance Sheet
  • Correlate attendances and money and give to Treasurer
  • Give President the Apologies and Guest List
  • Check Box is tidy and well stocked
  • Advise Treasurer if Attendance Sheets are getting short

Five Minute Speaker

  • Prepare a Five Minute Speech


  • Bring a small raffle prize and be ready to run the raffle


  • Main Job is to see that the meeting runs smoothly
  • Set up the room with assistance from fellow Rotarians
  • Start the meeting on time and check that the meeting is running to time.
  • Deliver a "Sergeants Session " of your choice... the money goes to the Sunshine Fund
  • Tidy up at the end of the meeting with assistance from fellow Rotarians
  • Advise the designated Sergeant's Assistant as early as possible if not attending the meeting

Sergeant's Assistant

  • Be early
  • Assist Sergeant to set up room
  • Assist Sergeant to create fines on members
  • Assist Sergeant to deliver fine session and collect fines
  • Deliver fines to Treasurer
  • Take over Sergeants duties, if Sergeant is not in attendance
  • Assist to tidy up room after meeting

Some protocol hints

  • Sit with different people each week
  • Name Badges to be worn with pride
  • President will stand to indicate end of Speakers speech - question time
  • If/when asked, a Rotarian will always oblige... i.e. assigning privileges or office
  • Rotarians should make an effort to "Make up" when away from their home club