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Volume 67 Number 42 - 10 May 2021

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe - Bulletin


  • Wednesday 12 May - No meeting

  • Wednesday 19 May - Board meeting

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  • Link to a Letter From ShelterBox about its work in Syria.

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5 May Meeting

  • This week Kaikohe Rotary was pleased to host Matt McLeod who chairs the District 9910 membership committee and will be our Governor for 2022/23 year; and Grant Smith who will become governor on 1 July. Matt and Grant came to talk to us about how to keep an active Rotary club.

  • Grant acknowledged that service clubs around the world are facing difficulties caused by their membership base becoming older as younger members leave or cannot be attracted in the first place. Sometimes clubs believe they are no longer capable of achieving anything of value

  • . But looking with a fresh set of eyes can bring a different perspective. Clubs like Kaikohe have achieved a great deal over the years and are valued in the communities they serve.

  • Matt spoke of the importance of projects to attract and enthuse members. Most younger people

  • don't like sitting through meetings. But they get a kick out of doing things that make a difference. So Rotary needs

  • to emphasise the doing while using projects to encourage interest in Rotary that might lead to people becoming members.

  • Matt emphasised that he and Grant don't have all the solutions and there is no approach that will solve all problems. But Matt believes clubs like Kaikohe Rotary still have lots to offer, even if its membership is smaller and older than it once was. Working with other community groups can help make up for a shortage of muscle.

  • Don Edmonds thanked Grant and Matt and noted that cities like Auckland would envy Kaikohe 's ratio of 11 R

  • otarians for 4000 people.