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Volume 67 Number 23 - 7 December 2020

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe - Bulletin


  • Wednesday 13 January 2021 - New Year get together at John and Helen’s - Quail Ridge - Details to come.

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2 December Meeting - Beyond Water

  • Sharon and Pete Crean are interested in water. More particularly, they believe people throughout the world should have access to safe drinking water. Hundreds of millions around the world have limited or no access to water for drinking, washing and bathing. Many die through drinking contaminated water, or otherwise have their lives restricted because clean water is not available.

  • Instead of moaning about it, Sharon and Pete gave up their comfortable lives and jobs in New Zealand more than a decade ago and headed to Kenya in east Africa and set up an organisation called Beyond Water that in the last 10 years has enabled more 100,000 to gain access to water. And in doing so they have saved and changed many lives - especially women.

  • This week Sharon and Pete were guests of Kaikohe Rotary where they talked about their work. It includes building toilet blocks at schools, drilling wells to supply water and supplying period products so girls can continue their education. Beyond Water works with Rotary clubs in New Zealand, Australia and Kenya to make water more available. For New Zealanders who take for granted that water is just a matter of turning on a tap it was a fascinating insight into how the availability of water can change and improve lives. To find out more go to Beyond Water.global