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Volume 67 Number 19 - 9 November 2020

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe - Bulletin


  • Wednesday 11 November - No Meeting

  • Wednesday 18 November - Board Meeting

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4 November Meeting

  • Kaikohe Rotarian John Vujcich is a man of many talents. Most of us know him as a farmer and a Far North District District Councillor. But he also has an MSc in physics from Massey University and is interested in the science of global warming.

  • This week John told Kaikohe Rotary that while global warming is a natural phenomena, there is no doubt that human activity has made it worse. John explained to us that life on earth derives from energy and light produced by the sun. But thanks to the earth's atmosphere which cools heat from the sun and an ozone layer that absorbs harmful ultraviolet light, human and other life is possible on earth.

  • However, human many activities lead to carbon emissions, while animals emit methane - gases which get trapped in the upper atmosphere. The earth also absorbs heat from the sun and emits natural radiation, which also has a warming effect.

  • While much of the science was a little complex for mere mortals, John finished with two key findings. Firstly methane from animals is a small contributor to global warming. But fracking could be a major cause, as the exposure of ancient rocks in the search for oil leads to the escape of carbon into the atmosphere.

  • John left us all in no doubt that global warming has consequences and it's an issue we need to take seriously.