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Volume 67 Number 14 - 5 October 2020

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe - Bulletin


  • Wednesday 7 October - No meeting

  • Wednesday 14 October - Speaker - John Vujcich - Climate Change

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  • Meals on Wheels - 5-9 October

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  • Link to a message about Alumni Connect Week - 5-11 October.

  • Link to Rotary Down Under Supplies - Celebrating World Polio Day - 24 October.

  • Link to D9910 Combined Update of Important Messages - Scroll down for 22 pages (!) of interesting stuff.

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30 September Meeting

  • The work of Rotary saves and changes lives. This week Kaikohe Rotarians heard about Romac - Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children - from Frank Jackson from the Rotary Club of Whangarei.

  • FranK told us that Romac was founded more than 30 years ago and specialises in bringing children from the Pacific to Australia and New Zealand for urgent medical treatment. Often they suffer from conditions - such as cardiac conditions - that if left untreated will be fatal. Or they have conditions - such as cleft palates or club feet - that severely limit their enjoyment of life and their ability to be productive members of society. Usually the health systems in their home countries lack the resources and medical expertise needed to treat their conditions.

  • Frank told us Romac has no offices and no staff and runs with minimal  administration costs. It works with carers and host-Rotary clubs who look after the children while they are in New Zealand from the time they step off the plane at Auckland Airport until they are ready to fly home. And while surgeons and medical staff at Starship provide their time free of charge, there are  hospital and other costs that need to be paid. Romac operates with the funding from Rotary and other grants, as well as donations and bequests. It receives no direct government funding.

  • Frank showed us examples of youngsters who have received treatment thanks to Romac. In many cases the difference Romac has made has been amazing and life changing.  And while Covid-19 means Romac has suspended its operations, it wants to resume helping young people from the Pacific as soon as the border reopens. For more about Romac  - and how you can help - go to https://www.romac.org.au.