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Volume 66 Number 51 - 22 June 2020

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe - Bulletin


  • Wednesday 24 June - Board Meeting

  • Wednesday 1 July

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  • On Thursday night Kaikohe gave thanks to Glenis and Cam Sutherland for more than 130 years of service to our town. It was a wet night as more than 80 gathered at the Kaikohe Bowling Club to show our appreciation for their service to our community.

  • Peter Macauley thanked Cam for his many years of service to St John, including driving ambulances, setting up and serving in the Op Shop and latterly chairing the Kaikohe area committee. Liz Henley - speaking on behalf of Kaikohe Rotary - recalled Glenis' contribution to the club, serving as President and then Assistant Governor of District 9910 - with Liz following her in both roles.

  • Northland College principal John Kendal thanked Glenis and Cam for their lengthy contribution to the school, and their dedication to help students achieve. Neil White and Wally Harris from Kaikohe Bus Company spoke of Cam's service as a school bus driver and more recently as a tour guide for cruise ship passengers. Monita Skipworth thanked Glenis and Cam for their help in getting a Rotary student exchange to France and then coming to see her at Nantes to check how she was getting on.

  • After everyone else had had their say, the guests of honour were invited to speak. Glenis said she had only got seriously involved in the community after retiring as a teacher, because as a teacher her students were sole focus and she wanted to put in 100% into her teaching. Kaikohe is a fantastic community and she will miss being part of it. Cam said the recent lockdown - during which they were unable undertake many of their usual activities - had focused their minds and led to the decision to be closer to children and grandchildren.

  • Glenis and Cam: We thank you for your service to Rotary and Kaikohe and we wish you well in your new lives at Martinborough. You are welcome back in Kaikohe any time!