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Volume 66 Number 42 - 20 April 2020

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Zoom Meeting

  • Kaikohe Rotary’s first ever Zoom Meeting is at 7:00pm Wednesday 22 April. 

    • Members will receive an email invitation from John Vujcich with all the details on how to connect.

    • It will be a time to discuss how we move forward as a club in the new environment.

    • Check your emails for a message from President Isaac.

News and Notices

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Calendar and Blogs (where there is always something new - check these links every week)

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Regular Newsletters

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Club Meetings

  • Like all of us, Kaikohe Rotarians are in lockdown. We've been staying home and utilising physical distancing to help keep our communities safe as the global pandemic continues to do its thing. We hope the loss of lives that we see each day around the world will remain absent from our communities and our country. Regrettably, Covid-19 has led to 11 deaths so far in New Zealand. But we know, that had not the restrictions been put in place, that toll could - and would - have been so much greater.

  • But as we move toward a hoped easing of restrictions, Kaikohe Rotarians have been turning their minds to how we can resume our activities. This week a group of Rotarians - John Vujcich, Glenis Sutherland, Don Edmonds, Steve Wilce, Colin Patterson and Jim Shaw got together in a trial meeting using Zoom. President Issac Vujcich joined us but then got called away to his essential work. But otherwise the meeting went well and provided a chance to catch up with friends and compare life under lockdown.

  • We agreed that it might be several weeks before Kaikohe Rotary can meet together in person. So this coming week we will have our first full club meeting using Zoom.