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Volume 65 Number 41 - 13 May 2019

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 15 May - Board Meeting
Wednesday 22 May - Speaker - Kevin Strawbridge - Northland Forestry Nursery

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22-MayBruceJohn ESteveDonColinJimGlenisIsaac

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8 June Meeting

  • The continual growth of carbon dioxide emissions is changing our climate and threatening the existence of life on this planet. But we can all fight against this trend and make a difference by changing habits and lifestyles.

  • They where the messages Kaikohe Rotarians received this week when Inge Bremer and Rolf Mueller-Glodde from Carbon Neutral Kerikeri were our guests. Inge told us that although climate change is a global problem, households and communities can, and should, act to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Among the steps we can take are to stop international travel, buying electric cars, cycling or walking wherever possible; and planting trees to offset our carbon consumption. Inge told us the Carbon Neutral Trust has put a calculator on its website which we can use to assess our household and business emissions and what offsets we need to implement to become carbon neutral.

  • Inge also told that methane from farm animals are the most serious forms of carbon emissions. But farmers can reduce emissions by changing feed and offset them by planting trees.

  • The problem of global warming seems so all encompassing that we can sometimes feel any action on our part is hopeless. But Inge and Rolf reassured us that we can do something and what we do will make a difference. To find out more go to www.carbonneutraltrust.org.nz or https://www.facebook.com/carbonneutralkerikeri/.