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Volume 65 Number 36 - 8 April 2019

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 10 April - Speaker - Russell Harris - Sailing around the world, and the work of the R Tucker Thompson Trust
Wednesday 17 April - Board Meeting

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10-Apr-2019ElizabethDonBruceLizGlenisJohn EColinNoel

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Club Meeting 3 April

  • As a management consultant Angela Bowey got to visit many of the world's greatest cities. On a trip to Vienna she took time out to look at the city's antique shops. There she became entranced in the glass art produced by Fritz Lampl. Her interest became even stronger when she met the son of Lampl's nephew and she is now working on a book about Lampl and his glass creations.

  • On Wednesday night Angela told Kaikohe Rotary the story of Fritz Lampl. After trying unsuccessfully to make a living as a poet and entering into a marriage that his parents disapproved of, Lampl realised he needed to another way of making a living. While visiting a glass convention in Germany in 1923, Lampl was captivated with the creative potential of glass and decided that was the direction to go. So back in Vienna he set a studio with the assistance of his brother-in-law, employed an unemployed glass blower and set to work.

  • Within two years Lampl's glass work was winning prizes at international expositions and he quickly gained a worldwide following, with this Bimini brand being much sought after. But the Nazi takeover of Austria in 1938 forced Lampl and his wife to flee to London where he set up a studio.

  • Although the Lampls were able to return to Vienna after the war ended, his last years were blighted by poor health and bad investment decisions and he died of a heart attack in 1955. While Fritz Lampl is long gone, his glass creations remain and thanks to people like Angela his skill and craftsmanship will not be forgotten.

  • For more on Angela and her passion for glass go to http://angelabowey.com/