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Volume 65 Number 07 - 20 August 2018

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 22 August - Board Meeting
Wednesday 29 August - Guest Speaker Paul Knight - Ngāpuhi Asset Holding Company

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22-Aug-2018John EJohn V

News and Notices

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  • Big Boys Heritage Toys - Fathers’ Day at the Pioneer Village - Sunday 2 September.

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15 August Meeting

  • Until four years ago Lisa Tatum knew nothing about autism. But once a nonverbal girl was placed in her class at Ohaeawai School, Lisa quickly realised that her teaching methods were insufficient to get across to her. So Lisa decided to study autism and how teachers could adapt their teaching to reach youngsters who are affected by it.

  • On Wednesday Lisa spoke to Kaikohe Rotary about what she has learned. She told us that autism is a term that covers a wide range of conditions that affect children's development and social skills. It affects about one child in 66, but is very difficult to diagnose and in the past has often been misdiagnosed. Autism sufferers were sometimes thought to be intellectually disabled or to have psychiatric problems. But they were not and do not. Intellectually, they can be superior to their classmates. But they are different and learn differently. Students with autism may be non verbal. They may be withdrawn or hyperactive. Although they may be considered 'difficult',they still want to learn.

  • Lisa says she knows of many autistic children who have grown up to be successful adults leading productive lives. Today's autistic students depend on teachers understanding their condition and the system making funding available to provide resources. But that does not always happen.

  • But thanks to teachers like Lisa, today's autistic children have a much better chance than their predecessors from past generations. We should be grateful for that.