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Volume 65 Number 06 - 13 August 2018

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 15 August - Speaker: Lisa Tatum - Teaching children with autism
Wednesday 22 August - Board Meeting

Members' Privileges (Mobile Friendly Version)
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15-Aug-2018GlenisHelenDonJohn VColinElizabethSteveIsaac
22-Aug-2018John EColin

News and Notices

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  • Vintage Railway’s Fun Trivia and Auction Night - Sunday 18 August at Copthorne Waitangi. Go here for the latest update.

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  • Big Boys Heritage Toys - Fathers’ Day at the Pioneer Village - Sunday 2 September.

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8 August Meeting

  • Wayne Martin has been around fire engines for almost as long as he can remember. From about the age of 11 he was an unofficial part of the crew at Kaikohe station and he joined officially when he was 16. Fast forward quarter of a century and Mr Martin just been appointed as deputy principal rural fire officer for the Northern Region.

  • On Wednesday Wayne came to Kaikohe Rotary to speak about his journey and the job he held for 12 years until recently, as Iwi Liaison Officer for rural fire.

  • Wayne explained he had 16 years as a firefighter culminating in being chief fire officer at Kawakawa station. But all that work was voluntary and was combined with a full-time job. But when a job as an Iwi Liaison Officer became available, Wayne jumped at the opportunity to become a fire professional. He applied and was appointed.

  • When he started in the job Northland had among the country's worst fire statistics. Wayne's mission was to visit marae, schools, festivals and other events to pass on the fire safety message. Years of hard work has been successful and the numbers of fires, fatalities and injuries have dropped to closer to the national average.

  • Wayne spoke of his efforts into improve fire safety in marae. He said that when he started in the job few marae had sprinklers and other fire firefighting equipment. But through regular visits and discussions that situation has changed, even though buying and installing equipment -such as sprinklers- can be expensive for financially strapped marae.

  • Wayne said that in his new job he is the deputy to principal rural fire officer Myles Taylor. But Myles has gone to Canada as part of the new Zealand contingent fighting wildfires and other Northland firefighters - including Wipari Henwood from Kaikohe - are in California also fighting wildfires.

  • Wayne said climate change has made firefighting more challenging. And a forecast dry summer is likely to mean a high fire risk in Northland.