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Volume 65 Number 02 - 16 July 2018

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 18 July - Guest Speaker - Rawiri Love - Smiley Faces in Kaikohe
Wednesday 25 July - Club Forum

Members' Privileges (Mobile Friendly Version)
DateCashierFive Minute SpeakerIntroduce SpeakerRaffleSergeantSergeant's AssistantThank Speaker
18-Jul-2018HelenIsaacLizJimSteveJohn EColin

News and Notices

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  • Link to the 2017-18 Kaikohe Rotary President’s Report.

  • Vintage Railway’s Fun Trivia and Auction Night - Sunday 18 August at Copthorne Waitangi. Go here for details.

  • Big Boys Heritage Toys - Fathers’ Day at the Pioneer Village - Sunday 2 September.

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11 July Meeting

  • We should be thankful for people like Maggie Maihi who is Far North Co-ordinator for Victim Support. Based at Kaikohe Police Station, Maggie co-ordinates a team of volunteers who provide assistance and support for victims of crime and other traumatic events, such as car crashes.

  • On Wednesday Maggie spoke to Kaikohe Rotary. She explained although Victim Support works closely with Police, it is an independent organisation and its employees and volunteers are not Police staff. She said Victim Support has 61 offices around the country and works 24/7 on behalf of the victims of crime.

  • Most referrals come directly from Police, although Maggie attends each briefing to make sure she is aware of all incidents for which assistance might be required. Victim Support assists victims by helping them fill out victim impact statements which are read to the court prior to sentencing; and by putting them on the victim notification register. It can also arrange counselling and other assistance aimed at helping victims get on their feet

  • Our own Glenis Sutherland then talked about her own experiences as a Victim Support volunteer, helping victims of crimes such as rape, domestic violence and burglary and events such as car crashes. She said the most attribute of a volunteer is an ability to listen and empathise. But Maggie says she is always on the lookout for more volunteers and has recently advertised on Facebook. Anyone interested in being a volunteer should contact her.

  • Thank you Maggie and your team for your dedication and commitment. Our community is better off because of it.