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Volume 64 Number 45 - 11 June 2018

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 13 June - Speaker - John Kendal - Northland College
Wednesday 20 June - Primary Schools' Speech Contest

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13-Jun-2018SteveJohn VHelenNoelBruceIsaacLiz

News and Notices

  • Link to a message about deploying ShelterBoxes in Guatemala.

  • Link to an invitation to the Waipapa Rotary Changeover.

  • Link to a message about the International Fellowship of Rotarian Educators.

  • Vintage Railway’s Fun Trivia and Auction Night - Sunday 18 August at Copthorne Waitangi. Go here for details.

  • Link to Rotary International Membership Engagement Awards.

  • Link to invitation to District 9910 Governors’ Changeover - 1 July at Milford Primary School.

  • Dictionaries for Year 4 Students

    • Dictionaries are available for distribution. Check the spreadsheet for details.

    • Link to spreadsheet.

  • Big Boys Heritage Toys - Fathers’ Day at the Pioneer Village - Sunday 2 September.

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6 June Meeting

  • Kelvin Davis is busy man. Ranked number 3 in Cabinet, he holds four portfolios and is also MP for Te Tai Tokerau. But he gave up some of his time this week to talk to Kaikohe Rotary about life as a Cabinet Minister, especially the challenges he faces as Minister of Corrections.

  • Kelvin was born and brought up in Kawakawa and went to Bay of Islands College. After going to university he spent 20 years as a teacher, culminating in seven years as principal of Kaitaia Intermediate School. He still lives in Kaitaia, although he now spends most of his time in Wellington.

  • As Corrections Minister Kevin has to deal with a rapidly rising prison population. It is currently at around 10,500 which is over capacity and is expected to grow to 15,000 unless current policy settings are changed. At the same time a number of prisons and facilities have passed their used-by dates and need substantial upgrades or replacement.

  • Kelvin says one of the major reasons for the increased prison muster are the changed bail laws passed under the former National Government, which have led to the number of remand prisoners more than doubling. And more punitive sentencing laws mean prisoners spend longer in jail - although longer sentences does little for rehabilitation.

  • Kelvin says it costs $100,000 to keep a prisoner behind bars for a year. And it's the taxpayer who pays the bill, meaning less money for hospitals and schools. So his aim is to reduce the prison population. And he wants to improve rehabilitation, so that prisoners don't return after they finish their sentences.

  • Don Edmonds thanked Kelvin for his informative presentation.