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Volume 64 Number 33 - 19 March 2018

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 21 March - Board Meeting
Wednesday 28 March - Speaker - Darren Huston - Kaikohe New World

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28-Mar-2018ElizabethJohn EIsaacHelenJimJohn VValerie

News and Notices

  • Meals on Wheels 19-23 March

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  • District Conference - Kerikeri - 6-8 April.

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14 March Meeting

  • Most of us don't like to think about dying. But dying is an inevitable part of life: it comes to an end one day. We may hope that we die in peace with little or no pain. But what we wish for and what we get can be two different things - especially if you go through a terminal illness.

  • This week Kaikohe Rotary heard from Belinda Watkins and Adele Woodward from hospice mid-northland which offers palliative in-home care in a district that extends from Taupo Bay in the north to Hukerenui and from the Bay of Islands across to the Hokianga. Hospice employs five specialist palliative nurses who thousands of kilometres each year to provide specialist care to between 50 to 60 terminally ill people across the district.

  • It takes between $1.3 million and $1.4 million to keep hospice going. A contract with Northland District Health Board provides less than half this amount, meaning hospice has to raise more than $700,000 each year from the public. The vast majority of this comes from hospice shops in Kerikeri, Kawakawa and Kaikohe. These shops stay open thanks to 300 volunteers who give their time and countless members of the public who donate goods for sale. But more volunteers are needed, especially anyone in Kaikohe who can help keep the shop open on Saturdays.

  • While people may think of a hospice as a live-in facility, there is no such facility in our area, with the nearest in Whangarei. Belinda says this is unlikely to change, as institutions are expensive to run, while experienced palliative nurses can provide quality in-home care for a smaller cost. And that is what most patients and their families prefer.

  • Adele said Hospice is trying to develop and improve its community links and thanked Rotary for the chance to do so in Kaikohe. For more about hospice mid -northland go to www.hospicemn.org.nz