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Volume 64 Number 26 - 29 January 2018

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 31 January - Terisa Le Noel - Exchange Student
Wednesday 7 February - John Vujcich - China visit

Members' Privileges (Mobile Friendly Version)
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31-Jan-2018John EJohn VLizNoelValerieGlenisJim

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24 January Meeting

  • For Matt King it was a case of third time lucky. He had twice missed out on being National's candidate for the Northland electorate before being chosen for the 2017 general election.

  • On Wednesday Matt came to Kaikohe Rotary to talk about his work representing the Northland electorate. Matt said he had lived in Northland since he was nine. He had spent years working for police which gave him an insight into into the area's most deprived communities. In more recent years Matt has owned a farm at Okaihau and run a small business. Matt said he had stayed out of active party politics for many years, even though he was always a National supporter. But after John Carter decided to step down before the 2011 election, Matt entered the contest to replace him. He lost then and was also unsuccessful after Mike Sabin stood down shortly after the 2014 election. But he learned a lot and those experiences improved his speaking and presentation skills.

  • Matt said that despite what some people believe, he has little power to make big decisions that can improve the lives of Northlanders. But he aims to be an advocate for the electorate and has already been successful in several immigration cases that have helped people stay in the country.

  • In Wellington Matt says his most important work is on select committees. he is on the Justice and Electoral select committee on which he was one of four Opposition MPs. It will soon consider David Seymour's Euthanasia Bill. That will be a massive job with thousands of submissions expected and hearings across the country over several months.

  • Matt has opened an electorate office in Kerikeri. But it is difficult job keeping in touch with an electorate that extends from Wellsford to Cape Reinga. Matt has brought a bus. Once it is painted he will use it as a mobile electorate office, visiting towns so constituents can pass on their concerns to their MP.

  • Bruce Killen thanked Matt on behalf of Kaikohe Rotary, reminding everyone that Matt's father Joe was once a chiropractor on Kaikohe's main street. Matt's parents are justifiably proud of what their son has achieved.