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Volume 64 Number 21 - 20 November 2017

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 22 November - Del Rameka - Te Uma o te Kona
Wednesday 29 November - Ngawha Prison Visit

Members' Privileges (Mobile Friendly Version)
DateCashierFive Minute SpeakerIntroduce SpeakerRaffleSergeantSergeant's AssistantThank Speaker
22-Nov-2017ElizabethNoelSteveDonLizValerieJohn V

News and Notices
  • The recent Movie Fundraiser raised $1,254 for Polio Plus.

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Waimate North Show - 11 November 2017

  • Saturday's weather forecast was ghastly. It predicted rain, wind and cold. Fortunately, it was wrong. The rain stayed away, the sun came out and it was a warm day in early summer. That was great for the thousands who descended on Waimate North for the 175th Bay of Islands P & I Show - New Zealand's oldest.

  • Kaikohe Rotary was there, selling food and and drinks to the famished and thirsty showgoers. And the good weather meant a roaring trade, with pies sold out before 1 o'clock and all the chips gone before 2pm.

  • A successful enterprise of this sort depends on the hard work of many Rotarians and supporters. Special thanks are due to Noel Birchall (pictured) for all the organisation before and on the day. Thanks to all those who came to the Union Church on Friday to peel onions and put sandwiches and rolls together. On Saturday, Ngaire Powdrill's gazebo provided cover for those cooking sausages and steak sandwiches - once Noel figured out how to to put it up and a group of nearby ATC volunteers supplied height and muscle to complete the job.

  • Our group of greying Rotarians went above and beyond the call of duty to keep our customers satisfied and the tills ringing. And Noel's 10-year-old grandson Matt showed the energy of the younger generation. Like the Energizer Bunny, he just never stopped, even when some of us oldies needed breaks to recover from our exertions.

  • It was a fantastic day. Thank you for everyone who stopped by and brought something. Because of you, Rotary will be able to assist community and youth projects in Kaikohe.

  • We hope to see you all again at the Kaikohe Show on 20 January 2018!

  • Follow this link to our Facebook Page to view 48 show day photos.