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Volume 64 Number 19 - 6 November 2017

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 8 November - No Meeting
Wednesday 15 November - Board Meeting

News and Notices

  • Kaikohe Rotary Visit to Ngāwhā Prison - Wednesday 29 November.

    • Each person who is visiting the prison on must fill out a visitor request form up until to the “signature of applicant” and these forms are to be forwarded to the prison before the visit. We will need them by the 22 November meeting at the latest.

    • Copies of the forms will be available at the next two Kaikohe Rotary meetings or you can click on this link to download a form to print and fill in.

  • Link to Rotary Signs Point the Way - Northland Age - 2 November 2017.

  • Meals on Wheels - 6-10 November.

    • Link to spreadsheet.

  • The Bay of Islands Pastoral and Industrial Show - 11 November - The Oldest Show in New Zealand - "Every Year Since 1842". Once again Kaikohe Rotarians have the privilege of being a part of this event in its 175th year.

    • Link to show webpage.

    • Link to register as a willing volunteer in the Rotary Show Canteen.

    • Link to spreadsheet (read only).

  • Link to the latest info from the Otago Youth Adventure Trust - Milton Rotary Tramping Club.

  • Link to an email from the R Tucker Thompson Trust with a link to their Annual Report. Kaikohe Rotary gets a special mention on Page 17.

  • Link to Find Your Inspiration in Toronto - Rotary International Convention, 23-27 June 2018.

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1 November Meeting

  • Neil Blanchfield and his wife Renata organised the Paralympics that saw 2800 athletes from 78 countries come to Christchurch compete in Christchurch in early 2011. Less than six weeks later a big earthquake struck, killing 185 people and devastating the city. With its infrastructure badly damaged and the city's sporting facilities - such as Queen Elizabeth Park and Lancaster Park - rendered unusable, Neil and Renata's events management business quickly ground to a halt.

  • But they had big problems on the domestic front, too. Rockfalls and ground movement rendered their home on the Port Hills unlivable. It look five years to reach a settlement with their insurance company. But the proceeds enabled them to relocate to Kerikeri and Neil is now President-elect of Kerikeri Rotary.

  • While no longer a Christchurch resident, Neil retains a great affection for the city where he lived for 50 years. He has tracked the progress of the rebuild over the last six years and this week was able to reassure Kaikohe Rotarians that things are coming together.

  • The earthquake has provided an opportunity to redesign and improve the central city's layout. Improved walkways have been provided along the Avon River. Precincts have been established to provide specific locations for activities, such as retail and arts and culture. Private developers have have worked with governmental agencies on the rebuild.

  • New hotels have been opened and visitors are returning to the city. The recent decision of the Anglican Synod to restore Christchurch Cathedral provides more certainty. While a number of the Projects (such as the rebuild of the Town Hall) are still in progress and others (such as the Multisport Events Centre) are in doubt, it is clear that Christchurch has turned a corner. With many red zoned areas abandoned, residential development has moved west to areas such as West Melton and Rolleston.

  • Don Edmonds thanked Neil for a most illuminating presentation.