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Volume 64 Number 03 - 17 July 2017

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 19 July - No meeting this week
Wednesday 26 July - Board Meeting

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19-Jul-2017DonJohn EValerieNgaireBruceRayElizabeth

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  • Link to an invitation to Leadership in a Changing World - Future Leaders Seminar - 9 September - Waipuna.

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  • Link to Membership Workshop and Foundation Seminar - 13 August. RSVP 7 August.

  • Meals on Wheels - 17-21 July.

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  • Link to Rotary Learning and Information - Chance to complete in Okaihau 19-20 August.

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  • Link to POP Kaikohe [Pride of Place Kaikohe] - a message from Ana Heremaia and an invitation to respond with your ideas..

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12 July Meeting

  • Shaun Reilly is an identity in Kaikohe. Ever since he moved here 40 years ago, Sean has been involved in community activities, trying to make things better. In the past he's been a champion ploughman and a professional photographer. While he's officially retired, Shaun is now busier than ever. Last year he was elected to represent Kaikohe on the Kaikohe-Hokianga Community Board.

  • An issue that particularly riles Shaun is the easy availability of alcohol in our town and the social harm that this causes. Shaun says that New Zealand's alcohol legislation has generally been written to serve the interests of breweries and supermarkets. It has led to proliferation of outlets and the easy availability of alcohol. He believes selling alcohol in supermarkets normalises its consumption, as the purchase of the product becomes part of everyday shopping.

  • Shaun believes this has to to change. So he has objected to the Far North District Council's local alcohol policy. His objection has contributed to an opinion by the Council's lawyers stating that the proposed policy is ultra vires (beyond the powers of) the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act. The matter will be decided by a hearing of the Alcohol Licensing Authority. The country's two main supermarket chains and a major bottle store chain are also objecting to the policy.

  • Shaun believes we need to address our binge-drinking culture and the best way of doing this is to reduce the number of licenses; eliminate alcohol sales from supermarkets; and cut the opening hours for off-licenses. He told Kaikohe Rotary that alcohol is a drug that is far more harmful to society than cigarettes. We therefore need to get serious if we are to reduce the rates of crime, road fatalities and family violence that are a direct result of alcohol abuse.