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Volume 63 Number 46 - 5 June 2017

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 7 June - Introduction to My Rotary
Wednesday 14 June - Shaun Clarke - Chief Executive - Far North District Council - “Last impressions of defence and first impression of FNDC”

Members' Privileges (Mobile Friendly Version)
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14-Jun-2017ColinJohn EJohn VBruce GlenisNoelHelen

News and Notices

  • Dictionaries for Year Four Students

    • Colin and Helen had the pleasure of visiting Kaikohe Christian School last week. Check it out here.

    • Link to spreadsheet.

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    • Check out the item on the Wairere Falls track on Page 45. Well done Kerikeri Rotary!

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24 May Meeting

  • This week Kaikohe Rotarians were pleased to welcome two entrepreneurs who are making a difference in our town. Mike Kanji and Monique Lambermon decided that Auckland's traffic gridlock was not their idea of paradise. So last year they sold up and moved permanently to their holiday home in Horeke.
  • Monique had grown up in the area and they decided Kaikohe was a good place to invest. They bought the Northern News building which had been empty for a number of years and set about finding tenants. A year later there is a discount store, a signwriter and Monique's fashion and T-Shirt business called Hammed.

  • Monique says Hammed's creations include ball gowns, wedding dresses, sports gear (including jerseys for the Kaikohe senior rugby team) and special T-shirts - including one for the Twin Coast Cycle Trail. They are training teens from Northland College in design and dressmaking. Monique said training for the first time had been an interesting experience. But it was providing youngsters with skills that can get them jobs and life skills.

  • Mike is also Northern Area Manager for EC Credit Control. Being responsible for an area extending from the Bombay Hills to Cape Reinga means Mike spends much of his time on the road. His main area of focus is helping small businesses develop terms of trade specific to their needs. Terms of trade are important for businesses, so that cash flow is maintained and debts don't get out of hand.

  • Mike said EC Credit Control is the country's largest credit agency, employing 100 staff nationwide who recover debts for businesses and provide credit reports to businesses and lending institutions. EC Credit Control also does employment agreements and creates websites for businesses.

  • We are delighted to see Monique and Mike in Kaikohe and wish them the best with their endeavours.