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Volume 63 Number 33 - 6 March 2017

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 8 March - Speaker - Mike Edmonds - Community Board
Wednesday 15 March - Board Meeting

Members' Privileges (Mobile Friendly Version)
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8-Mar-2017LizColinJohn VValerieGlenisJimRay
15-Mar-2017John V

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1 March Meeting

  • It's a headache for many parents: how to keep their children focused and interested - and out of trouble - when the school day ends. That's a real issue for parents who work, and for parents on modest incomes who may struggle to pay for their children to take part in activities that excite and stimulate them.

  • But in Kaikohe there is a group that is filling the gap. OSCAR stands for Out of School Care and Recreation and provides before-school, after-school and school holiday programmes.

  • Alison Shaw from the Celebration Trust which runs OSCAR in Kaikohe spoke to Rotarians this week about how the programme works.

  • OSCAR has two centres in Kaikohe and is managed by a coordinator and seven staff. The co-ordinator, Gail Erueti, plans the programme of activities. Children on the programme are picked up from school and taken to the centres for the after-school activities. These activities are wide ranging and aim to get children physically active and engaged.

  • OSCAR covers costs by charging fees to parents. Beneficiary parents can apply to WINZ for a subsidy to help them pay. But recent budget cuts has meant OSCAR has had to scale back some of the activities - especially trips. And they forced OSCAR to get rid of a bus it was chartering to take students from schools to activities. It now uses vans instead.

  • Alison told us that OSCAR has an average of 25 children in its after-school activities, with room for about another 20. While money is tight, Alison says they scrimp and save to provide a stimulating range of activities and the children appreciate that.

  • Glenis sutherland thanked Alison for an interesting presentation. OSCAR is doing good work in the Kaikohe community and we told Alison to get in touch if they need any help.