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Volume 63 Number 32 - 27 February 2017

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 1 March - Speaker - Alison Shaw - OSCAR
Wednesday 8 March - Speaker - Mike Edmonds - Community Board

Members' Privileges (Mobile Friendly Version)
DateCashierFive Minute SpeakerIntroduce SpeakerRaffleSergeantSergeant's AssistantThank Speaker
1-Mar-2017JimValerieColinLizJohn ENoelGlenis
8-Mar-2017LizColinJohn VValerieGlenisJimRay

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22 February Meeting

  • People often find it difficult to remember Dhcamad Armstrong's name. Perhaps it's because it's made up from the initials of his five brothers and two sisters. Most people know him as Bubba, which is a lot easier for most of us to remember.

  • Born, raised and educated in a Kaikohe Mormon family, Bubba gained his first significant overseas experience when he spent two years as a missionary in South Africa and Namibia. It was an eye-opening experience for the Northlander seeing poverty first-hand in a foreign land.

  • When he returned home Bubba was not sure what to do with himself. But an offer to play rugby in Japan proved too good to turn down. So he jetted off to the city of Nagoya.

  • After a while, Bubba tired of the life of a rugby player. Games were often played on Sundays which fitted uncomfortably with his faith. So he tried mixed martial arts (MMA) and found he had a knack for it. MMA is combination of martial arts including judo, karate and Jiu-Jitsu It's a sport in which almost anything goes.

  • Bubba became so good he was soon fighting professionally and by the time he left Japan he was ranked second in the world in his weight class. While MMA is pretty violent, Bubba enjoys the battle. The sport is huge in Japan with thousands turning up the the top events and millions watching on television.

  • After seven years in Japan, the lure of home became too much. So late last year Bubba returned to Kaikohe to work with his father Arlen and brother Arlen junior at Squire Funeral Services' new fa

  • cility. He also works out at the Mill Gym and helps Kaikohe's young people get more purpose into their lives.

  • However, while he is now living a quieter life in the Far North, Bubba says his fighting days are far from over. His promoters will be flying him back to Japan for a series of bouts against high ranking opponents. We wish Bubba well - both in his work in Kaikohe and in his forthcoming battles in Japan.