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Volume 62 Number 38 - 4 April 2016

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 6 April - Speaker: Russell Shaw - Ngawha development and the proposed Industrial Park
Wednesday 13 April - Speakers - Mike Edmonds from Kaikohe and District Sportsville and Stu Kay from Active Physiotherapy - the proposed Kaikohe Community Pool

Members' Privileges (Mobile Friendly Version)
DateCashierFive Minute SpeakerIntroduce SpeakerRaffleSergeantSergeant's AssistantThank Speaker
6-Apr-2016John EStanColin-ValerieNoelNgaire
13-Apr-2016Bruce GJackie BradnamColin-RayJohn EHelen

News and Notices

  • Invite a Guest!

    • Our Guest Speaker for 6 April, Russell Shaw from Top Energy, will be of interest to a wider audience. Consider inviting a guest. If you are bringing a guest be sure to let Noel know at 4011700 or admin@birchalls.co.nz for catering numbers.

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30 March Guest Speaker

  • In the1870s possums were largely unknown in New Zealand. Even in the 1950s they were scarce in Northland. Guest Speaker Dean Baigent-Mercer outlined how their northward march was accompanied by massive destruction of Northland's native forests and devastation of native bird species.

  • Forests are more than trees. They provide habitats for a whole range of birds and invertebrates. When forests are under attack from a range of predators that include weasels, stoats, rats and cats, it is important that a range of measures are taken to stem the tide.

  • The most significant weapon in the fight against pests is 1080, a low-grade poison that is extremely effective against possums. Its use has been limited because of community fears that it could be toxic to native species. When allied with consistent trapping the use of 1080 has allowed some forests to thrive once again. If the community can be reassured that 1080 is safe more of our forests can be saved from predators and the dawn chorus can return.

  • Jim Shaw thanked Dean for a thoughtful and provocative presentation which was appreciated by Rotarians and guests.