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Volume 62 Number 34 - 7 March 2016

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 9 March - Raewyn Goodwin - Brain Food for Better Living
Wednesday 16 March - Board Meeting

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News and Notices

  • Cyclone Winston Appeal

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24 February Meeting Report

  • Visitors: Christian Huriwai and Sam Lahood; Megan, Steve and Joanne Hammerton; Swagata and Amrit Nandi.

  • Apologies: President Don, John Vujcich, Bruce and Elizabeth Killen, Glenis, and Noel.

  • Make-ups: Colin (Dargaville), Don (Meals on wheels, Monday), Liz (Meals on Wheels, Tuesday and Wednesday), John Ellis (Meals on Wheels, Thursday) and Valerie (Meels on Wheels, Friday).

  • Notices:

    • Quiz night: The Kaikohe Volunteer Fire Brigade is organising a quiz night at the Kaikohe RSA on Saturday 19 March starting at 6.30pm. Cost is $10 a head for teams of six. Colin is entering a Rotary team. Anyone interested please contact him.

    • Dictionaries: We paid for them three months ago but they haven't arrived. Liz is to contact Sue Hamnett to find out what's going on.

    • Upcoming guest speakers: Dean Baigent-Mercer from Forest and Bird will speak on the decline of Northland's Kauri forests on 30 March. His presentation will include drone footage.

    • Russell Shaw from Top Energy will speak about the Ngawha geothermal expansion and proposed industrial park on 6 April. (Please note change of date). Russell has another engagement on 23 March. That means a slot is available on that day. If you any ideas about someone who could fill it, please e-mail president Don.

  • Our RYLA candidate Christian Huriwai gave a short presentation. Not many RYLA candidates have won three world championships but Christian is one, having won three world titles in unicycling. He works for a Maori social service provider in Kaikohe and also runs his own business selling unicycle supplies. Unfortunately, Unicycling is not considered an official sport in New Zealand and struggles to attract funding and media coverage. While never expecting to be as wealthy as Richie McCaw or Dan Carter, Christian says he has an understanding boss and supporters who help fund trips to compete in countries like Spain and Italy. He's also lucky that New Zealand has ACC, as unicycling has a high risk of injury and ongoing medical costs.

  • We welcomed Megan Hammerton who spent last year as Rotary exchange student in Chile. Megan spoke of her 14-hour plane trip to Chile - a completely new experience as it was her first time out of New Zealand. After arriving in Santiago Megan met up with her fellow exchange students for some orientation before heading to her first host family.

    • While in Chile she saw plenty of the country including a trip to the desert in the north of the country. While they were on the beach one day there was a big earthquake, which is a frequent occurrence in Chile. Despite frantic phone calls from family back in New Zealand, Megan was not worried even though the earthquake caused a tsunami alert. "It was fun," she said.

    • Megan was not impressed with the Chilean education system. Most schools had no grass and were entirely surfaced with concrete. That meant they were extremely hot for the three months of summer and cold for the rest of the year. The standard of teaching wasn't high and Megan felt she learned nothing during her time there.

    • Chile is a Spanish-speaking country and Megan says she coped well with the change of language. But it was difficult to adjust to conversing in English again after returning home.

    • Megan was a great ambassador for Kaikohe Rotary and we would like to thank her parents Steve and Joanne for their support. At the end of her address Megan presented Acting President Stan with a Chilean flag.