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Volume 62 Number 33 - 29 February 2016

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 2 March - Megan Hammerton - Exchange Student
Wednesday 9 March - Raewyn Goodwin - Brain Food for Better Living

Members' Privileges (Mobile Friendly Version)
DateCashierFive Minute SpeakerIntroduce SpeakerRaffleSergeantSergeant's AssistantThank Speaker
2-Mar-2016JimValerieHelenBruce GNoelLizJohn E

News and Notices

  • Link to Meals on Wheels Spreadsheet - 29 February - 4 March.

    • Don wasn’t quick enough to note those who volunteered at last week’s meeting. Please fill in the spreadsheet.

  • Cyclone Winston Appeal

    • Link to message from Stuart Batty of Rotary New Zealand World Community Service (RNZWCS).

    • Link to Bulletins 1-7 with pictures - in reverse order - read from the bottom.

  • Link to the acknowledgement of our donation to the Rotary Foundation.

Calendar and Blogs (where there is always something new - check these links every week)

  • Link to the Kaikohe Rotary Club Calendar. Go here to check out Guest Speakers for future meetings and details of other club activities.

  • Link to Kaikohe Rotary’s Facebook page.

  • Link to the District Facebook page.

  • Link to the District Calendar.

  • Link to the Rotary Service Connections Blog.

  • Link to the Rotary Voices Blog.

  • Link to the Rotary Down Under Blog.

  • Link to the Rotary Regional Public Image Resource Blog.

  • Link to Rotary International’s Member News.

  • Link to Wasrag (Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group) Blog.

Regular Newsletters

  • Link to Rotary Weekly - 26 February 2016.

  • Link to Rotary Young Leaders in Action February 2016.

  • Link to download the District Governor’s Newsletter - February 2016.

  • Link to Rotary Service - February 2016.

  • Link to Rotary Giving and Grants - February 2016.

  • Link to Rotary Down Under 580 - 1 February 2016.

  • Link to the latest E Mara E Pānui.

24 February Meeting Report

  • Our speaker at our 24 February meeting was our own President elect Stan Adams. We all knew that he had been a traffic officer, and was now an accountant, but we found that he was brought up in central Auckland and had varied careers and interests including time in Singapore with the Air Force. Thanks Stan for an interesting talk.