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Volume 62 Number 27 - 18 January 2016

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meetings
Wednesday 20 January - Board Meeting

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News and Notices

  • Kaikohe Show - Saturday 16 January 2016

    • Many thanks to all those who helped on the day. There was an excellent turnout of members and supporters.

  • Welcome Home for Megan - Sunday 17 January 2016

    • A large crowd from Kerikeri and Kaikohe Rotary, and others who supported Megan’s exchange, enjoyed lunch with Hammerton family on Sunday. Megan is returning to Year 13 at Okaihau College, and will be guest speaker at one of our dinner meetings sometime soon.

  • District Conference - Vanuatu

    • Link to a message about travel and accommodation.

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13 January Meeting Report

  • Last Wednesday Kaikohe Rotary met for the first time in 2016. We heard an inspiring presentation from Paula Jack. Paula spoke of having a stutter. The cause of stuttering is unknown and 90% of sufferers are men. But Paula has had a stutter since she was three years old.

  • But she is determined that having a stutter will not define her life. Indeed, Paula wants to become a motivational speaker. She told us that her stutter had been like a cloak that had enveloped her. But through determination she was now casting off the cloak.

  • Congratulations, Paula for showing us what you are made of. You'll go far.