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Volume 61 Number 04 - 28 July 2014

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meeting
Thursday 31 July - Speaker - Te Wiremu Mercer - Combined Meeting with Kaikohe Lions
Wednesday 6 August - Social Evening

Members’ Privileges (Be sure to arrange a replacement if you are unable to take up your privilege)



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31 JulyNoel----Don-----
6 AugBruce KNgaire-ValerieGlenisHelenElizabethStanDonnaJohn E


News and Notices

  • Link to a Northern News article about Te Wiremu Mercer, the guest speaker at our Combined Meeting with Kaikohe Lions - 6:00pm Thursday 31 July (the link works now).

  • Extraordinary Kiwi - Brando Yelavich - Inspirational Adventure.

    • Link to email from Sue Hamnett.

    • Link to attachment.

  • Link to the Updated District Directory.

  • Link to Draft 2014-2015 Club Organisation.

  • Link to Membership Research and Programmes - a message from Rotary International.

  • Link to 2014 Dictionary Distribution Spreadsheet.

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23 July Meeting Report (Reporter - Elizabeth)

  • Māori word for the week - Āpōpō = Tomorrow

  • Apologies - Bruce Gillies and Glenis Sutherland

  • Guests - Kirsty Reid (Helen and John Ellis’s granddaughter), Vivienne Davies.

  • Notices/Announcements

    • Dargaville Changeover 30 July.

    • Next Thursday - Combined meeting with the Lions….numbers to Noel.

    • Adrienne Tari is arranging the opening of further cycle tracks from Okaihau to Horeke and Opua to Kawakawa.

    • Books for Babies - a possible speaker.

    • Jim reminded members that subs are due.

    • Committee meetings will be in the 3rd week of August.

  • Raffle won by Noel again.

  • Five Minute Speaker - Noel

    • The recent vagaries of the weather have highlighted difficulties for the North but Noel has noted that some are our own fault, like...

      • Draining and farming the Hikurangi Swamp

      • Tampering with outflow of Lake Omapere

      • Cellphone outages.

    • Ray and Vivienne coped with no power for 7 days (!!!) and Noel was flooded in, roads down, rivers up and full of sediment and Northland isolated for days.

    • In fact an interesting couple of weeks.

  • Guest Speakers John and Helen Ellis on their big OE to the UK.

    • Helen has done her homework/genealogy on their ancestors and set out to trace and visit them. Rather than a travelogue. They highlighted several places of interest.

    • “Great greats” in Essex were millers and the house was still there with a sideline of growing willows for cricket bats.

    • Wordsworth House and gardens (a relative). Delightful.

    • Chartwell House and gardens. Don’t know if there was a connection with the great man himself.

    • Dumfries House and gardens sponsored by Prince Charles himself and free to the public.

    • Scotland. Did we know that cotton milling started there first?

    • Isle of Skye with a quirky ferry - Ben Lomond out of the clouds and the Caledonian Canal.

    • A visit to Hadrian’s Wall before staying in 2 star hotel in Blackpool just to experience the ambience.

    • John commented on the perils of going through customs with two hip replacements and what does one do when you have to take your belt off and then put your hands up in the air!

    • A reminder to would-be travellers to the UK: Join the Historic Places here and then get in free to lots of places in the UK.

  • Bruce closed the meeting with “The difference between Knowledge and Wisdom: Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit and wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.