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Volume 61 Number 10 - 8 September 2014

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe Bulletin

Dinner Meeting
Wednesday 10 September - Combined Meeting with Okaihau Lions - 7:00pm at the Okaihau Hall - Speakers - Jim and Noel - the Okaihau Kaikohe Traverse.
Wednesday 17 September - Committee Meetings.

Members’ Privileges (Be sure to arrange a replacement if you are unable to take up your privilege)



Five Minute Speaker 

 Introduce Speaker


Reception Meeting Closure 



Sergeant's Assistant



 Thank Speaker

10 SepElizabeth----NgaireRay----
17 SepJimDon-DonnaJohn VRaySueBillHelenNoel


News and Notices

  • Remember that we have a Combined meeting with the Okaihau Lions at the Okaihau Hall this week - 7.00pm, Wednesday 10 September. be sure to advise Noel if you are unable to attend, or if you are bringing a visitor. Speakers are Noel and Jim and the topic is the Traverse.

  • Link to the Okaihau Kaikohe Traverse 2014 page. Forty-one registrations received so far.

  • Link to a notice about the Area One Dinner - Paihia - 20 November.

  • Kaikohe Rotary Club Subscriptions are $125 for 6 months. Subscriptions can be paid direct to the treasurer or by direct credit to bank account number 12 3097 0118980 00.

  • The 2014 Blood Pressure Awareness Campaign in conjunction with St Johns and New World is on Saturday 4 October.

Calendar and Blogs (where there is always something new - check these links every week)

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Regular Newsletters

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3 September Meeting Report (Reporter - Valerie)

  • Apologies were Helen and John, Ngaire, Glenis, and Donna.

  • Guests were John Coleman and Heather Ayrton.

  • Notices etc: People to chase up prizes in town for the Traverse

  • Combined meeting with Okaihau Lions next Wednesday, 7pm official start at Okaihau Town Hall. Jim and Noel the guest speakers.

  • Email from Paul Donaghan - Challenge camp donation if no child - $330. Challenge camp is May next year.

  • 21 September is Peace Day - notify the world.

  • Monday 10 November - Sailability Dinner - Auckland.

  • Entertainment from Pure Ngapuhi - 3 Northland College girls, Brooke, Honey and Brucelia, with Shelley Tau.  Heavenly voices, looking at entering a competition in Parramatta this year, need some funding. Left a CD with 2 songs with us.  

  • Guest Speaker: Murray Jamieson, Chair of Northland College Farm.

  • 45 years old, left school at 15, and made his first $M at 23.

  • Employed by the Ministry of Primary Industries, and is part of Lincoln University.

  • Called on to do a 360 review of the farm originally, made 11 recommendations, a board to run it was put in place. 1 year on - all 11 recommendations ticked off.  

  • Board also 11 (the magic number) business people, bankers, farmers. Internal vote: number reduced to 5, but all 11 voted for chairman.

  • All staff dismissed, interim manager appointed - as per school wishes. Their other wish: A sustainable farm.