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Volume 60 Number 34 - 10 March 2014

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe


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Dinner Meeting

 Wednesday 12 March Cath Clarke - Psychiatric Nurse
 Wednesday 19 March Committee Meetings - Diamond Anniversary discussion

 Members' Privileges

DateCashierReception Meeting ClosureFive Minute SpeakerRaffleSergeant's AssistantStewardStewardIntroduce SpeakerThank Speaker
12-Mar-2014StanRayBruce KValerieJimHelenLizElizabethJohn V

News and Notices

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5 March Meeting Report (Reporter - Stan)

  • Apologies: Don, Liz, Sue

  • Guests Welcomed: Jane, Cam Jessie, Vivienne

  • Make Up: Sue

  • Notices:

    • Bill - DARE project – the committee intends to close off funding this project as it no longer meets funding criteria. Finance totalling $2500 will be transferred to the new program based in Auckland, with the condition that the funds are pegged to spending in the Kaikohe area.  Police are no longer authorised to facilitate this program, and the target has moved from all year 9 students to at risk students. Facilitators are to be better trained – this will be a drain on funds.

    • 19th May is the 60th anniversary of the club. Discussion or ideas to Glenys please.

    • Literacy day - Don has the planning under control.

    • Ray RYDA will be held in Lindvart Park. Planning is under control.

    • Meals on wheels – Don has roster for next week – need volunteers to fill the gaps.

    • Jim nothing to report. – will be away 3 of 4 next meetings. Some unpaid subs reminder. $1200 has been paid to Rotary Foundation , also working on funding for computers for two impaired boys.

    • Bill - bbq tables are now in Bill’s yard. Bill is meeting with Kelly on Thursday to decide locations.

    • Kelly has proposed a project for the club. This involves listing all local clubs and associations on notice boards. We charge $60 for sign; business association gets $40 we $20. If members know club contact details for any of these organisations please contact Helen. Bill to cost sign.

    • Noel – George is in town and sends regards.

    • Reminder for Kaitaia international night.

  • Stan gave the 5 minute talk on time and planning the important matters first or they will never be achieved.

  • Val introduced Jane as guest speaker.

  • June spoke of her volunteering in the Pacific.

    • Jane spent time in the Solomons with her partner Doug on Logha Island, strategic planning for a resort.

    • John Vujcich thanked Jane for an interesting talk.

  • Jim provided the meeting closure.