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Volume 60 Number 06 - 5 August 2013

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe


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Dinner Meeting

  Wednesday 7 August  No meeting this week
  Wednesday 14 August  Committee Meetings

  Members' Privileges








 14 August BillBruce G  LizRayValerie SueNoel 

News and Notices

  • What a great celebration that was on Saturday. More about that next week.

  • There is no club meeting on Wednesday 7 August.

  • The Traverse Committee meets at Don’s place - 5:30pm Wednesday 7 August.

  • Link to an inspirational story: The Last Person To Get Smallpox Dedicated His Life To Ending Polio.

  • Link to a photo of 2000-2001 Kaikohe Rotary Exchange Student Lindsey Smith with her daughter Kaitlyn born 7 June 2013. Lindsey is now married to Texan rancher, importer and bareback rider Clint Cannon. Frank and Jeun went to their wedding in Canada 4 August 2012.

  • Link to a photo and article in the Northland Age, The Kelly Gang Goes to Work.

  • Meals on Wheels

    • Thanks to the wonderful volunteers who are delivering Meals on Wheels 5-9 August 2013.

    • Link to the Volunteer Spreadsheet.


Calendar and Blogs (where there is always something new - check these links every week)

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  • Link to Kaikohe Rotary’s Facebook page.

  • Link to the Rotary Down Under Blog.

  • Link to the Rotary Regional Public Image Resource Blog.

Regular Newsletters

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31 July Meeting Report

  • Guests - David Stone, Donna Allpress, Ngaire Powdrill, Jessie Wilson, Cam Sutherland.

  • Thanks to Donna for volunteering for Meals on Wheels this week. Cam or Glenis will do Friday.

  • Glenis has received a notice about Rotary Leadership Training.

  • Information has been received about the Rotary Science and Technology forum. Keith to follow up.

  • Still waiting for information about the Secondary Speech Contest in Whangarei.

  • Planning well in hand for the Midwinter Celebration.

  • All members asked to seek sponsors/prizes for the Kaikohe Rotary Okaihau Kaikohe Traverse.

  • Five Minute Speaker Noel entertained us and informed us about how fishing in the Bay of Islands has changed over the years. Of particular interest now with the proposed reduction in the daily snapper limit for recreational fishing

  • Guest Speaker David Stone is the chairman of the Kerikeri Youth Trust.

    • The trust runs a drop-in centre for youth 12-18 years old on Fridays from 3:00 to 7:30pm.

    • They are looking to secure their own premises.

    • Funding is difficult. The Far North District Council does not have a youth policy.

  • Meeting closure from Dr Seuss, “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”