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Volume 59 Number 41 - 22 April 2013

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe



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Dinner Meeting

Guest Speaker

Wednesday 24 April

Robyn Burgess - The development of the Christian Schools in Waimate North and Kaikohe

Wednesday 1 May

To be advised

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 24 April Stan Bill SueJim AlanRaySarojaValerie Bruce G
 1 May Don SueKeith Frank Bruce G  SarojaBill Stan Glenis 

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News and Notices

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  • Many thanks to those who assisted with Meals on Wheels last week.

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18 April Meeting Report
  • On Thursday 18 April we took up an invitation from Kaikohe Lions President John Field to meet with the Lions at Kohewhata Marae.

  • About 30 people were called in to Puhimoana Ariki by Kataraina Wihongi including quite a few waewae tapu (people who had not been on the marae before).

  • There were welcome speeches in Māori and English by Robbie Martin and Ted Wihongi. John Field, Peter Macauley and Don Edmonds responded on behalf of the visitors.

  • Robbie and Ted explained something of the history of the house, its symbolism, and purpose before opening the floor to anyone who wanted to speak.

  • Everyone then moved across to the dining hall for a beautifully presented and delicious dinner.

  • Presidents John Field and Noel Birchall thanked the hosts and expressed a commitment to working together for the betterment of the community.