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Volume 59 Number 34 - 4 March 2013

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe



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Dinner Meeting

Guest Speaker

Wednesday 6 March

Bob Mitchell - Climate Change

Wednesday 13 March

Benje Powick - Science Extravaganza

Members’ Privileges











 6 Mar Keith Ray Liz Glenis Sue Valerie Saroja Elizabeth Jim
 13 Mar Bruce G Keith Bill Stan Saroja Jim Alan Glenis Valerie

Remember to arrange a replacement if you cannot accept your privilege at this time

News and Notices
  • Link to a message from Rae Collins at RYDA about funding support from the Z Stations in Kaikohe and Kaitaia.
  • Link to a notice about a Charity Golf Tournament and Auction for Hospice - 15 March at the Bay of Islands Golf Club, Kerikeri.

Calendar, Comments, and Blogs (where there is always something new - check these links every week)
  • Link to the Kaikohe Rotary Club Calendar.
  • Link to the Rotary Down Under Blog.
  • Link to the Rotary Regional Public Image Resource Blog.
  • Link to the New Rotary Down Under site where you can read the March Rotary Down Under magazine and lots of other interesting stuff that is constantly updated.

Regular Newsletters
  • Link to the Rotary International Weekly Update - 1 March 2013 - See a slideshow celebrating Rotary's anniversary.
  • Link to  the Kerikeri Rotary Club Bulletin.
  • Link to the District 9910 International Youth Exchange Flier.
  • Link to the Rotary International New Generations Newsletter - January 2013.
  • Link to the latest E Mara.

Meeting Report - 27 February 2013
  • Apologies - Tracy, Ray, Roger, Moengaroa, Julie, Liz, Elizabeth, Alan.
  • Noel welcomed members and Chris Burrows and Miles Taylor the speaker.
  • Also a warm welcome back to Frank Duxfield
  • Makeups - Car Rally - Glenis, Noel, Keith, Bill, Liz.
  • Directors meeting at Jim’s after dinner.
  • Barbara on the mend - came home on Monday.
  • Red Puppy Day volunteers wanted.
  • Meals on Wheels went well.
  • A reminder that the Northern Crossing is in May.
  • Dictionaries - names coming in.
  • RYDA 21 March.
  • Pioneer Village Fund Raiser 14 April - 7.30.
  • Tables repaired at park.
  • Midwinter Christmas Dinner suggested - fundraiser – meeting afterwards.
  • Rotary Corner - Kelly and Steve gave go ahead.
  • Blood Service Volunteers:  Heather 8.00, Sue 9.00, Liz 10.00, Glenis 11.00.
  • Chris spoke about the Viseisei Project.
  • Five Minute speaker Bruce spoke on the the reasons behind Union Militarism in Britain
  • Jim’s van is still going
  • Miles spoke of his role as Chief Rural Fire Officer particularly in regards to arson.
  • Club's thanks given by Ray.
  • Bruce Gillies closed the meeting.