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Volume 59 Number 20 - 19 November 2012

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe


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Dinner Meeting
Guest Speaker
Wednesday 21 NovemberCommittee Meetings
Wednesday 28 NovemberTo be advised

Members' Privileges

Meeting Closure
Five Minute SpeakerRaffleSergeant's AssistantStewardStewardIntroduce SpeakerThank Speaker
21 Nov Bruce G Keith Stan Alan ValerieFrankBill-
28 Nov Ray Valerie Sue BillKeithJim Stan  FrankAlan 
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News and Notices

  1. Link to a message from Murray Neighbour about a proposed Rotary Technology Skills Programme seeking club support.
  2. Bay of Islands Pastoral and Industrial Show - 10 November
  1. Link to Bay of Islands Pastoral and Industrial Show 2012 Feedback and Suggestions spreadsheet. Record your thoughts while they are still fresh in your mind.
  1. Link to information and an order form for the New Zealand Political Cartoon Annual 2012 -  an interesting looking Epsom Rotary club national fundraiser.
  2. Link to a message about Rotary Down UnderLife & Leisure and Traveller.
  3. Link to e-mail - Shelterbox to receive Vice Regal Patronage.
  4. Link to order Rotary Christmas Puddings.
  1. Link to spreadsheet.
  1. Rotary Eighteen Month Calendars - $12.50
  1. Link to order form.
  1. Link to spreadsheet.

Calendar, Comments, and Blogs (where there is always something new - check these links every week)

  1. Link to the Kaikohe Rotary Club Calendar.
  2. Link to Rotary District 9910's Etcetera web page for regular district updates.
  3. Link to the Rotary Down Under Blog.
  4. Link to the Rotary Regional Public Image Resource Blog.
  5. Link to the Rotary Down Under site where you can read the November Rotary Down Under magazine and lots of other interesting stuff that is constantly updated.

Club Bulletins

  1. Link to the latest Kerikeri Club Bulletin.

Regular Newsletters

  1. Link to the Rotary International Weekly Update 9 November 2012 - Fifty Years of Interact.
  2. Link to the Rotary International Weekly Update 16 November 2012 - How much do you know about Future Vision?
  3. Link to the District 9910 Literacy Committee Newsletter 2012/2.
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7 November Meeting Report (Reporter - Elizabeth)

  1. Fifteen members present
  2. Apologies  - Tracy, Moe and Roger, Liz, Julie, and Don.
  3. Make-ups -
  1. Thanks to Glenis, Saroja, Alan and Liz for doing the teas at the Blood Bank last Friday.
  2. Noel and Ray put in a Rotary presence helping to put up Christmas decorations in Broadway.
  1. Meals on wheels were arranged but eventually cancelled as another organisation was doing next week’s deliveries.
  2. General Notices
  1. Area 1 Combined Meeting On Wednesday 14 November. Approximately 70-80 guests. All Kaikohe Rotarians will act as stewards on the night.
  2. Christmas Puddings now on sale $20 ($5 of which goes to the club, See Bill).
  3. The Cartoon Book is a good Christmas present. See Glenis.
  4. Moengaroa and Roger Floyed have requested Leave of Absence while they look after their little baby Great grandchild.
  5. Request for support for the Annual Christmas Day Dinner in Kaikohe. Given $100 to be given from the Sunshine Fund
  1. Notes from Director Keith -
  1. It is Rotary Foundation Month.
  2. Keith gave notice of both the Science Extravaganza and Technical expo to be run early in the new year.
  3. There is a Rotary Summer Holiday programme in Libraries. Kerikeri is running one this year.
  1. Notes from Director Bill -
  1. Remember to buy your Christmas Puddings.
  2. DARE Foundation is to be discontinued.
  1. Instead of Committee Meeting we had a short address from Steve Sangster, Chairman of the Kaikohe Business Association.
  1. Formation of Kaikohe Pride and the various initiatives to re-vitalize Kaikohe with assistance from Pub Charity and Far North District Council funds.
  2. Town cleaning.
  3. Murals from Northland College and the prison.
  4. Build relationships with the Far North District Council and the Community Board. John Schollum as coordinator.
  5. Paying a Town Manager.
  6. A new i-site along Guy’s Road.
  7. All businesses to have a targeted levy to supply funds.
  8. Up-grading of Web Site: www.kaikohe.co.nz
  1. President Noel assured Steve of Kaikohe Rotary support.

Combined Meeting 14 November

  1. Your wandering Bulletin Editor hasn’t received a meeting report from last week yet. Looking at the messages below it seems likely that everyone was having too much of a good time to think about taking notes for the bulletin.
  2. Message from President Noel
  1. Thanks to everyone that was able to attend and for helping with organising the meeting. I trust that you all enjoyed the night. Everyone I spoke to from the other clubs said that they had enjoyed themselves.
  2. We raised $339 from the raffle and $229 from the sergeants. Well done team.
  3. Congratulations to Bruce Gillies for his award of another Paul Harris Award from District Governor Lindsay. This was  on the District Governor's own initiative. I didn't know it was going to be presented. Well deserved Bruce.
  4. Thanks to those that brought partners and guests with them. We had 22 from the club and 80 in total in attendance. A very successful night thanks to everyone lending a hand.
  1. Message from Past President Frank
  1. I know it is a team effort, but I would like to congratulate President Noel on running such a wonderful evening with great leadership, commentary and timing.