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Volume 59 Number 06 - 6 August 2012

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe
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Dinner Meeting
Guest Speaker
6:00pm - Wednesday 8 AugustCommittee Meetings
6:00pm - Wednesday 15 August
Peggy Veen - Business Development

Members' Privileges

Meeting Closure
Five Minute SpeakerRaffleSergeant's AssistantStewardStewardIntroduce SpeakerThank Speaker
8 AugBruce G RayValerieJim RogerMoengaroa Keith --
15 Aug Ray RogerGlenis ValerieKeithBruce KSaroja Bruce GBill
Remember to arrange a replacement if you cannot accept your privilege at this time

News and Notices
  • Link to an Invitation to the Kerikeri Club to hear some interesting Rotary speakers.
  • Link to Rotary District 9910 Reading Programme - Vanuatu.
  • Link the to Presidential Citation requirements.
  • Subscriptions are $125 for 6 months. Subscriptions can be paid direct to the treasurer or by direct credit to bank account number 12 3097 0118980 00. Feel free to pay the full annual subscription of $250 immediately if you prefer.
  • Link to Rotarians With Conviction - 2013 District Conference - Norfolk Island. Early bookings are essential.
    • If you want to do your bookings on-line you will find all you need on the website.
      • Link to the conference registration page - scroll down to fill in your details.
      • Link to travel booking form.
    • If you prefer to print out a form to fill in follow these links:
      • Link to download conference registration form (PDF 158KB).
      • Link to download conference travel and accommodation form (PDF 1,452KB).

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  • Link to Rotary District 9910's Etcetera web page for regular district updates.
  • Link to the Rotary Down Under Blog.
  • Link to the Rotary Regional Public Image Resource Blog.
  • Link to the Rotary Down Under site where you can read the latest Rotary Down Under magazine and lots of other interesting stuff that is constantly updated.

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Regular Newsletters
  • Link to the Rotary International Weekly Update - The Olympic issue.
  • Link to the District Governor's Newsletter July 2012.
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1 August Meeting Report (Reporter - Moengaroa)
  • Apologies – Tracey, Don, Julie, Liz, Bill and Saroja.
  • Visitors – Paul Weymouth from Winton Rotary and Alan Maher.
  • Apology from Rhonda Zielinski (our speaker for the night) her son is in hospital.
  • Our speaker is Bruce Gillies.
  • Makeups – Valerie went to a Rotary meeting in Ahuriri and their speaker was the 1986 Ambassadorial Scholar and he went to Scotland.
  • Club Notices.
    • Heritage Kaikohe Dinner 19th August – Tickets from either Moe Floyed or Bruce Gillies.
    • Earlier member of the club passed away – Keith Young.
    • Dictionary project – some information is coming through – Payments due by November.
    • Invitation from Kerikeri Rotary for the 27th August and 10th September.
    • Request from Northland College for assistance to purchase some of Rayma Ritchies books $336.00 in total.
    • Bill’s cake stall on hold until further notice.
    • NZ Blood service went very well . Thanks to all who helped.
    • Meals on wheels , we need a volunteer for tomorrow Thursday 2nd August.
    • Subs are now due.
    • Conference Norfolk – Numbers required please.
  • Secretary’s Notices
    • Taupo Rotary – Around the lake challenge – Please check dates.
    • Leper appeal
    • Jack Poutsma surrendered some minutes of his time with rotary Kaikohe – Neville Ross was president then, Elizabeth handed these items over to Bruce Gillies.
    • Other notices
    • Bay of Islands Rotary Club will be celebrating their clubs 50 years – Congratulations.
    • Speech contest – Kerikeri High School, questions is they can put in more than one candidate. The answer is yes as long as there are not too many.
    • Kaikohe Arts Council – Trash to Fashion at the Memorial Hall this Saturday 4th August.
  • Ray – Liz Henley is felling not too bad, but, Malcolm in hospital because he hurt his back. Liz’s daughter Michelle is getting married this weekend. Get well Liz we are all looking forward to your return.
  • Glenis won the raffle.
  • 1962 an important year – Bruce Gillies joined Rotary.
  • Five minute speaker – Ray – spoke of his trip back to Australia. When he lived there there were aminimal number of kangaroos – now they are so numerous.
  • Speaker of the day – Bruce Gillies.
    • Bruce showed a DVD of one of the worlds greatest speakers – Dr Hans Rosling.  Spoke of Public health demographics. Very informative. One of the best people in the world who can talk about what they know and back it up with data.
  • Meeting closed with a quiz.
  • Closing comment of the day was by Sue James.