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Volume 59 Number 03 - 16 July 2012

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe
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Dinner Meeting
Guest Speaker
6:00pm - Wednesday 18 JulyPolice Team
6:00pm - Wednesday 25 July 

Members' Privileges

Meeting Closure
Five Minute SpeakerRaffleSergeant's AssistantStewardStewardIntroduce SpeakerThank Speaker
18 Jul Sue KeithJim Roger LizValerieBruce KBillDon 
25 JulBill Bruce K Don Valerie SarojaSueRoger Ray Keith 
Remember to arrange a replacement if you cannot accept your privilege at this time

News and Notices
  • Link to Whangarei Rotary Quiz notice. Considering our success at Matakana, maybe we can do even better at this event - 6:30pm Saturday 21 July.
    • Link to form to join the quiz team.
    • Link to spreadsheet.
  • Members have an another opportunity to volunteer to deliver Meals on Wheels in the week beginning 30 July.
    • Link to spreadsheet - check which days are already taken.
    • Link to form to volunteer.
  • Link to a message about Friendship Exchange to Iowa in September 2013.
  • Helpers are needed for the NZ Blood Service visit on Friday 27 July.
  • Link to a picture of our Life Member George Palmer from the front page of Kaikohe and Mid North Town and Country June 2012.
  • Link to Rotarians With Conviction - 2013 District Conference - Norfolk Island. Early bookings are essential.
    • If you want to do your bookings on-line you will find all you need on the website.
      • Link to the conference registration page - scroll down to fill in your details.
      • Link to travel booking form.
    • If you prefer to print out a form to fill in follow these links:
      • Link to download conference registration form (PDF 158KB).
      • Link to download conference travel and accommodation form (PDF 1,452KB).

Calendar, Comments, and Blogs (where there is always something new - check these links every week)
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  • Link to Rotary District 9910's Etcetera web page for regular district updates.
  • Link to the Rotary Down Under Blog.
  • Link to the Rotary Regional Public Image Resource Blog.
  • Link to the Rotary Down Under site where you can read the latest Rotary Down Under magazine and lots of other interesting stuff that is constantly updated.

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Regular Newsletters
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11 July Meeting Report (Reporter - Moengaroa)
  • Kia ora everyone
  • Apologies – Stan, Tracey, Ray, Frank, Liz Henley, Glenis, Jim and Adrienne.
  • Don – brought some letters from Ohaeawai School with Thanks for the Dictionaries distributed by Rotary.
  • Noel – information regarding Liz in hospital for 2 or 3 days.
  • Make Ups – Valerie attended Waipapa Rotary Change-over
  • Correction for last week blunder. The meal on the 14th September is $25.00 per head and will be at the Kerikeri RSA.
  • Frank suggests that the Okaihau Kaikohe Traverse is held on 30 September.
  • Bill congratulated for getting the Rotary Information Board completed and the boys will put it up after the meeting.  Bill - thanks to all the businesses that participated.
  • Quiz night at Whangarei – little interest shown in the project at this moment, but just in case enough are interested - check the spreadsheet in News and Notices above.
  • Parehuia Tito-Paraone is off to the Science Extravaganza in Whangarei.
  • Elizabeth received information from a former exchange student of 28 years ago.
  • Frank is going to the wedding of an exchange student he billeted in 2000.
  • Sue James was our Five-minute Speaker - She spoke of her busy life with her three grandsons and the children she is working with at the Kawakawa primary school. She has two grandson, one aged eight and one younger one. The primary school she is working with is putting on a play and have done a number of them. This year they are putting on a musical called Hairspray. Sue has rewritten this play to suit NZ e.g. Maori names, and the whole school is involved in this production. There seems to be an awful amount of talented people here.
  • Bruce Gillies – has rewritten the new Inductee Booklet to be more user friendly.
  • Sergeant – Bruce Killen and Bruce Gillies – well-done – input from Valerie regarding two jokes that came from Waipapa Rotary
  • Committee meetings:-
  • Bruce Gillies suggests we consider Benji Powick next year for the National Science and Technology Forum.
  • Finally we have received $250.00 from the Auction.
  • Apologies again I am still in the process of trying to have input, listen and write at the same time so with a final thought – Have patience my friends because:

Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can

Seldom found in women, never in a man

(One of my teachers in year 9).