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Volume 58 Number 33 - 5 March 2012

The Rotary Club of Kaikohe
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Dinner Meeting
Guest Speaker
6:00pm - Wednesday 7 MarchIowa Friendship Exchange Team
6:00pm - Wednesday 14 MarchCommittee Meetings

Advise Noel Birchall of apologies and guests by noon on Wednesday
Members will be charged for the meal if no apology is recorded.

Phone 4011700 (24 hours)
Fax 4011704
E-mail admin@birchalls.co.nz

Members' Privileges

Meeting Closure
Five Minute SpeakerRaffleSergeant's AssistantStewardStewardIntroduce SpeakerThank Speaker
7 MarGlenisSaroja-JimBruce GGlenisNoelFrankKeith
14 Mar  GeorgeDon  SarojaNoelRay KeithBruce G  - -

Remember to arrange a replacement if you cannot accept your privilege at this time

News and Notices
  • Link to message from Chicky Rudkin re the Northland College Gala Day 17 March 2012.
  • Link to Memorandum to all clubs re District 9910 2009-2010 Accounts.
  • Link to a message about the Stellar Trust.
  • Link to the Kaikohe Rotary Literacy Day page.
  • Link to news item: Mary Celebrates 106 Years.
  • Link to Shelter Box News - New Zealand Earthquake One Year On.
  • Heritage Kaikohe Open Day 10 March 10:00am to 2:00pm
    • Link to form to volunteer to assist.
    • Link to spreadsheet to see who has volunteered.
  • District 9910 Conference
    • Link to the latest Conference Flyer.
    • Link to a letter from District Governor Brian Tuck - please read.
    • Link to the updated conference web site.
    • Link to the Conference Registration page.
    • Link to message about Wives’ and Partners’ Programme.
    • Link to spreadsheet of Kaikohe members who have expressed interest in attending.
    • Link to form to add your name to the list of members considering going to the conference.

Calendar, Comments, and Blogs (where there is always something new - check these links every week)
  • Link to the Kaikohe Rotary Club Calendar.
  • Link to Rotary District 9910's Etcetera web page for regular district updates.
  • Link to the Rotary Down Under Blog.
  • Link to the Rotary Regional Public Image Resource Blog.
  • Link to the Rotary Down Under site where you can read the latest Rotary Down Under magazine and lots of other interesting stuff that is constantly updated.

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Regular Newsletters
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29 February Meeting Report Reporter - Don
  • Guests - Honorary member Heather Ayrton, guest speaker Arthur McLean.
  • Apologies - Stan, Tracy, Ray, Moengaroa, Roger, Bill, Sue, Adrienne.
  • Make Up - Don went to the Kerikeri club meeting on 27 February to spread the word about the Kaikohe Rotary Literacy Day 2012.
  • President Frank reminded members that we should be displaying the Rotary Declaration in our homes and/or workplaces.
  • District Conference - Can we set a record for the number of members attending? (See “News and Notices” above).
    • Glenis offered to organise conference accommodation for the Saturday.
    • The suggestion that on-line registration meant downloading a PDF, printing it, filling it in and posting it brought laughter to the meeting.
  • Heritage Kaikohe Open Day - (See “News and Notices” above). Our tasks include providing tea, coffee and scones and mannung the barbecue.
  • There is pressure on club funds. Possible/planned fundraising include an auction and a sponsored town map. Volunteers needed for a fundraising committee.
  • Thanks to Elizabeth and Bruce for their work last week.
  • Be sure to read the District Governors’ Newsletter (See “Regular Newsletters” above).
  • Iowa Friendship Exchange here on Monday.
    • Monday 5 March - Arrive by bus to Paihia (12:10), Ohaeawai (12:04) and Kaikohe (12:15) - Barbecue at Keith’s.
    • Tuesday 6 March - Hokianga.
    • Wednesday 7 March - Bay of Islands - Club meeting.
    • Thursday 8 March - Meet Whangarei South Club at the Kawakawa Railway Station.
    • Contact Keith if you can help with transport.
  • A proposed Vocational Activity involving small groups of Northland College students talking with a club member was discussed.
  • Don reported on Kaikohe Rotary Literacy Day 2012 planning.
  • Northland College Gala Day 17 March
  • Guest Speaker Arthur McLean has had a varied police career over 26 years, much of it in Rotorua.
    • In his year here he has been working to make improvements in the way the police serve Kaikohe.
    • He has found the community to be supportive and is pleased to note that there are now 30 monitored cameras in the town.
    • Levels of crime are no worse than other towns.
    • Alcohol fuels most criminal activity.
    • Finding ways to work with youth to break the intergenerational cycle of crime is a major challenge.

President - frank.duxfield@xtra.co.nzBulletin Editor - editor@kaikoherotary.org