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Officers and Roles 2011-2012

President: Frank Duxfield

President Elect (2012-2013) and Vice President: Noel Birchall

President Elect Nominee (2013-2014): Glenis Sutherland

Past President: Saroja Subbiah

Secretary: Elizabeth Killen

Treasurer: Jim Shaw

Director The Rotary Foundation: Keith Hingston

Polio Plus

Educational Programmes (Ambassadorial Scholarships, Group Study Exchange, Rotary World Peace Fellowships)

Humanitarian Programmes (Peace/conflict resolution, disease prevention/treatment, water/sanitation, maternal/child health, education/literacy, economic/community development) - Viseisei Health Centre Project

Director Club Administration: Noel Birchall

Membership (new, development, retention): Frank Duxfield, Sarojah Subbiah, Keith Hingston, Noel Birchall

Public Relations: Adrienne Tari, Tracy Dalton

Sergeant: Moengaroa Floyed

Bulletin Editor: Don Edmonds, Liz Henley

Programme Organiser and Fellowship: Valerie Dickson, Neil Robertson, Bruce Killen

Archives: Bruce Gillies, Bruce Killen

Director Service Projects: Sarojah Subbiah

Deputy Vocational Service: Glenis Sutherland

Deputy Community Service: Bill Holdem

Okaihau-Kaikohe Run/Walk: Frank Duxfield, Noel Birchall, Jim Shaw, Bill Holdem, Don Edmonds, Adrienne Tari

Pioneer Village: Bruce Gillies, George Palmer, Roger Floyed

Monument Hill: Ray Davies

Town Map and Advertising: George Palmer, Bill Holdem

Waimate and Kaikohe Show Catering: Ray Davies, Glenis Sutherland, Roger Floyed, Saroja Subbiah

Deputy International Service: Keith Hingston

Friendship Exchange: Keith Hingston

Deputy New Generations Service (Youth): Moengaroa Floyed

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards: Liz Henley

Rotary Youth Driver Awareness: Liz Henley

Youth Exchange Students: Bill Holdem, Saroja Subbiah

Literacy Day: Don Edmonds, Glenis Sutherland

Speech Contests: Glenis Sutherland, Don Edmonds, Sue James

Dictionaries: Valerie Dickson

Dental Care: Moengaroa Floyed

Board of Directors - named in bold above.

Link to download printable version (PDF 54KB) (but are you sure you really need it on paper - think of the trees!)