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Operational Plan 2010-2011


The change over for the year 2010-2011 is expected to set more new trends and members will look forward to another successful year of achievement and celebrations. 

Mission Statement 

We will build strong relationship with our communities and extend our service to other countries. 


Kaikohe Rotary Club acknowledges the importance of the following values and is committed the related activities. 

Our broad values fall in the following categories. 

  1. To raise the profile of Kaikohe Rotary Club in the local communities. 

  2. To make a difference by organising and participating in community activities 

  3. To be conscious of those who may be less fortunate than us and extend beyond the local communities 

  4. To acknowledge the fellowship and well being of members of club and creating a sense of belonging and pride as an organisation.

Key Objective 1: 

We will raise the profile of the Kaikohe Rotary Club by net working and making our presence known more through new activities. 


  • Encourage members to initiate and represent themselves more as club members when they participate in the community activities. 
  • Select new members who are committed to maintain the values and professionalism of the club. 
  • We will have at least a net increase one to our total membership number. 
  • Introduce Rotaract to attract new members and raise club profile. 
  • Promote the relationship of the business and local communities by inviting them to be guest speakers in the Rotary meetings 
  • Participate in the interclub activities to provide support and create better relationship.

Key Objective 2: 

We will make a difference by organising and participating in community activities. 


  • Promote speech competition in the primary and secondary schools 
  • Select appropriate young candidates for Match twin participation that gives young people an experience of the outside world away from Kaikohe 
  • Educate safe driving and decrease the risk of accidents on the road by encouraging young people to participate in the Rotary RYDA programme 
  • Build leadership skills in the young Rotoract members of the club by inviting them to attend the Rotary RYLA programme. 
  • Select and support at least one outbound international student. 
  • Organise and plan health awareness days for polio and encourage primary schools to introduce brushing teeth after meals for their pupils. 
  • Continue to support the maintenance of Monument Hill. 
  • Provide support and take active interest in the preservation of Pioneer Village. 
  • Increase the yearly commitment to fund raising

Key Objective 3:  

We will assist those in need beyond our communities by working in partnership with our overseas Rotary clubs. 

  • Establish contacts with two countries to assist projects in village schools and water projects where needs have already been identified.

Key Objective 4: 

We will encourage club activities that promote fellowship and well being of members of the club. 


  • Identify members’ strength and interest and delegate responsibilities. 
  • Appoint fellowship coordinator. 
  • Introduce fellowship night once a month.