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2008-2009 Operational Plan

Kaikohe Rotary Club  

Operational Plan 2008-2009 

As an organisation, Kaikohe Rotary Club has always taken a keen interest in the local communities and has actively supported the local community activities. Its members who have been drawn from various walks of life have been able to contribute to the success of this organisation and its focus. Each year the 'change over' introduces new President, board members and directors that bring with them fresh ideas and energy to enhance the Club and its activities. 

The new 'change over' for the year 2008-2009 will set new trends and the members look forward to another successful year of achievements and celebrations.

Mission Statement

We will make our dreams real.



Kaikohe Rotary Club acknowledges the importance of the following values and committed to related activities.

Our three broad values are: 

1. To raise the awareness of the Kaikohe Rotary Club in the local community 

2. To make a difference in the community, both directly or indirectly, by supporting and getting involved in the community activities. 

3. To acknowledge the fellowship and well being of members of the club through creating a sense of belonging and pride as an organisation. 


Key Objective 1: 

We will increase the awareness of the Kaikohe Rotary Club by networking and be seen in the community as a valued organisation. 


  • Insist on maintaining the integrity and standard when members represent the organisation.
  • Select new members who will enhance the values and professionalism of the club.

  • Promote the relationship of community and business organisation by inviting them to be guest speakers in the Rotary meetings.
  • Build better relationship with other clubs through interclub participation.
Key Objective 2: 

We will provide our support and introduce activities that will improve the knowledge and participation of the community at large. 


  • Promote speech competition in the primary and secondary school.
  • Select appropriate young candidates for Match Twin participation that gives the young people an experience of the outside world away from Kaikohe.
  • Educate safe driving and decrease accidents on the road by encouraging young people to participate in Rotary RYDA programme.
  • Build leadership skills in young people by inviting them to take part in the Rotary RYLA programme.
  • Organise and plan literacy and numeracy functions that involve the participation of primary and secondary schools and community organisations.
  • Continue to contribute to the maintenance of the Monument Hill to become a tourist attraction.
  • Provide support and take an active interest in the preservation of all aspects of Heritage Kaikohe.
  • Initiate activities that will encourage local community take pride in keeping the town clean and healthy, for example to keep the street clean and improve its appearance.

Key Objective 3: 

We will promote the fellowship and wellbeing, and increase the participation of the members in activities across the board. 


  • Identify members' strength and interest and delegate responsibilities.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate success at the meetings.
  • Provide support and empathy in times of stress.
  • Be available to assist members in times of need.