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District Conference 2013 - Norfolk Island Diary

Elizabeth, Don, Glenis and Cam represented Kaikohe at Rotarians With Conviction.

Link to the programme (scanned).

Link to the conference website.

This webpage does not attempt to cover the official conference proceedings.
There were expert photographers covering the official functions, awards, speakers etc. 
No doubt this will be available on the District 9910 site in due course.

Elizabeth and Don arrived on Saturday 20 April - met at the airport by Rosalie from Tau Gardens.

Great accommodation - a fully equipped two bedroom two bathroom cottage, with a car.
Went to the Supermarket for breakfast stuff etc.
Dinner at the Leagues Club, with other Rotarians, and an early night.

Sunday 21 April - off to explore the island.
First stop - the Sunday market.
Elizabeth looked at the hats being made, but didn't buy (almost), but did buy some fresh fruit.
Then off on a motoring exploration - turned left at every corner...
Tarsealed roads - Cows graze roadsides - homes dotted all over the place.
Some amazing views ... but the car started playing up so back to the cottage.
Met proprietor Wayne on the road - arranged change of car - lunched at the cottage.
Off to Governor's Lodge to register - met up with Glenis and Cam.
Checked out Glenis and Cam's accommodation at the South Pacific Resort.
Continued with our motoring expedition turning left at every intersection.
Couldn't find any chimneys on Two Chimney Road, but met Tasmanian Rotarians
Mike and Gillie Whitehouse (below) at Two Chimney Park.
Mike is from the Kingston Club, and Gillie belongs to the Salamanca Club.
That night we joined Glenis and Cam and Rotarians from the North Shore for dinner at the
South Pacific Resort.

Monday 22 April
We planned to go on a guided tour, but it was all booked out so we headed for the highest
point on the island to check it out.
First stop was the second highest point - Mount Pitt.
Then a short hike to the highest point - Mount Bates.
By then it was time to head to Cobbys (Don and Elizabeth's cottage)
for a cup of tea.
On the way we stopped at St Barnabas Chapel. Once the centre of the Melanesian Mission.
Inside we found a plaque commemorating the service of John Palmer,
Archdeacon of Melanesia, grandfather of our esteemed Life Member, George Palmer.
Then on to tea and coffee at Don and Elizabeth's place.
We then headed down to explore Kingston, the site of the convict settlement.
At the Pier Store Museum we learned about the migration of Pitcairn Islanders
to Norfolk Island - A fascinating story.
Later that afternoon we all gathered at the Governor's Residence
for the official welcome.
We were welcomed by Norfolk Island Governor Neil Pope,
and District Governor Lindsay Ford.
District Governor Lindsay Ford presented Norfolk Island Rotarian
Charrise Clarke with a Paul Harris Fellowship 
in recognition for her work for the  conference.
Everyone then went up to Governor's Lodge
for the welcome dinner.

Tuesday 23 April
First day of conference proceedings.
Carparking in a paddock, with an ingenious gate modification
 to ensure passage of pedestrians but not cows or vehicles.
In to the conference marquee..
Catch up...
Town Crier Haden and his guards immediately arrested tall poppies
Lindsay and Keith, and ordered a flogging...
Welcomes by Norfolk Island's Chief Minister Lyall Snell
and District Governor Lindsay Ford.
On with the conference progamme:

A stimulating address - check out the website.

Morning Tea (and fresh bananas)
Stuart Heal - The Winds of Change
Creating the future with Rotary:
Commitment to Core Values - Be creative.
Link to Youtube Video.
Link to Strategic Membership Solutions.

The exchange students introduced themselves and entertained us.

Elizabeth brought greetings to Ned Lenthall from a friend in Paihia.
Ned is a charter member of the Rotary Club of Norfolk Island.
The club is celebrating it's 40th anniversary this week,
and Ned was awarded a Double Sapphire Paul Harris Award this morning.
Area One presidents had a lunch meeting across the road at Paradise.
Here (below) are some of the attendees, including
Kerikeri President Vicki Douglas, our latest Paul Harris Fellow.
Later that afternoon Rotarians joined the Norfolk Island community
in a Mainstreet parade and party with music and dancing in to the evening.

Wednesday 24 April
Another lovely day on Norfolk Island.

PDG Purushothaman (Puru).

Inspiring address about Measles and Polio vaccinations and a multitude of matching grants projects.

Grant Smith - Incoming Chair District 9910 Rotary Foundation Committee

Future Visioning

Make the Rotary Foundation your Charity of Choice

Become a Centurion - Download the form (Has to be printed out!)

Use Project Link at - List our projects and find projects to support.

$2,500 available for a $5,000 project.

Jenn McKenzie and Sam Page - Pupuke Rotaract.

Social Media

FacebookYoutube - QCodes - Twitter.

Upload videos of projects.
QCodes for donations.
Facebook ads.

Dave McCluggage has made an App.

Warwick Pleass - Representing the World President.

Geoff and Bev Pownall - ROMAC.
ROMAC on Facebook.

Trish Magri - Norfolk Island's Living Library.

Gala Dinner at Governor's Lodge.
Great food - Great Company - Great Music.

Thursday 25 April
RSL Breakfast at Rawson Hall.
Time to check out some more of the sights.
And the signs.
Southern entrance to the town of Burnt Pine.
Visited the Cyclorama then Queen Victoria's Garden.

 Lunch at Bailey's Cafe at Governor's Lodge.
To Kingston to the Government House open day and to finish checking out the museums.
The Commissariat Store with All Saints Anglican Church on the top floors

While Don and Elizabeth were exploring Glenis and Cam were
taking part in the Rotary Golf Tournament at the  Norfolk Island Golf Course
the oldest existing Golf Course in Australasia.
The 13th Hole.

Later on we all went to the Beach Bowls at Emily Bay.
Norfolk Rotary President Duncan Evans. Don enjoyed meeting Duncan 
at the welcome and throughout the conference week.
What an amazing trailer!

Friday 26 April
Paul Harris Fellows' Breakfast at the RSL.
Nice breakfast.
PHF Awards.
The speaker was the chairman of the club.
Norfolk Islander who had a Navy career before returning.

Back to Governor's Lodge - not one of the last ones in this time.

Speaker - Jenny Horton - Polio eradication programme in India and Nigeria.

District Governor Elect - Phil Ashton from Henderson Rotary.

Introduced his team for Conference 2014 in Waitangi.
(Info not available online yet - take this link to info scanned by Don's iPhone).

Thanks and farewells etc.
(Including thanks to Bruce Walker, Don's second cousin,
Manager/Proprietor of Governor's Lodge)
Glenis and Steph ... (Nee Rowsell)
Lunch and shopping.
Met at Rawson Hall for the car rally.
41.8km to various parts of the island.
Finished with a delicious barbecue at the Norfolk Island Pistol Club.

Saturday 27 April
Breakfast in our cottage.
Then off to pick up Glenis and Cam and down to Emily Bay 
for the walking challenge organised by Merv Huxford
(I've forgotten exactly what the challenge is, 
but we took part anyway).
Good discussion with Stephen Wheeler about websites and things 
(That's him in the middle with the blue shirt).
Back to Tau Gardens to for a cuppa 
(Glenis and Cam continued exploring - see below).
Then to Burnt Pine for lunch at the Olive Cafe with Bruce Walker. 
Don and Bruce are second cousins,
and they haven't met since they were kids
so there was a lot of catching up to do.

Back around the (only) roundabout.
To the airport for a late afternoon departure.
Back to Auckland via Brisbane.
Arrived at midnight.
Thanks to Jenn McKenzie and her partner for taking us to our central city hotel.
Up early Sunday morning to catch the Northliner home.
Don and Errol Beazley - Northliner driver - chatted all the way.

Glenis and Cam stayed another day, and found time to visit the Bedrock Tea Gardens
- the best Cafe views on Norfolk Island.
Dinner with Stephanie (nee Rowsell) and Murray Allison from Browns Bay.

Great week.
Great venue.
Great company.
Great conference.